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Gnarly Nachos Quest – Buffalo Wild Wings

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Hello Lane Today readers! Like my dad, I like nachos too. We got a reservation at Buffalo Wild Wings to visit on their VIP Day on Saturday to check it out before they open tomorrow, June 24. We enjoyed other food at the restaurant too, of course. I kept the chicken tenders all to myself, and they were divine! The buffalo wings had just the right amount of punch to enjoy it without being overwhelmed by the spice.

But I’d really like to tell you about the nachos, so here it goes!

Chips: 7. The chips were clearly not made there. They were a little salty, but not too salty.

Protein: 8. The nachos came with chicken and chili on top. I liked the chili because it didn’t only have beans but it had meat in it too. There was plenty of both the chicken and the chili to go with the nachos. The chicken went well with the salsa, as it was very tender.


Buffalo Wild Wings Nachos Photo: Scott Reynolds - Lane Today

Buffalo Wild Wings Nachos
Photo: Scott Reynolds – Lane Today

Complimentary Ingredients: 6.75. The nachos were topped with cheese sauce, pico de gallo, lettuce, jalapenos and salsa. I have had bad experiences with cheese sauce. I find the flavor of cheese sauce to be very disappointing.  I decided to knock down the complimentary ingredients by a point, just like my dad does, because of the sauce. All of the other ingredients on the nachos were good.

Service: 9. Our waitress always checked to see if we were satisfied with everything we had, and kept bringing me refills of my strawberry lemonade with a cherry and lemon on top.

Portion: 8.5. I didn’t check the price since the food was on the house, but my dad said the nachos are probably around $9. It was a generous amount of nachos to feed four people for an appetizer, and we didn’t even finish them when they brought us our wings.

Overall: 7.85. If I had any money, I would go over there myself and buy myself some nachos. But my dad only gives me $5 a week for allowance. Since we live close to Buffalo Wild Wings, I can save my allowance money for something cool because I know my dad will probably take me there a lot!

Buffalo Wild Wings opens Monday, June 24 at 11 a.m. and is located in front of the Gateway Mall in Springfield.

Below are rankings, scores and links to past nacho reviews:

Lane County Gnarly Nachos Standings (with links to past reviews):
1 – tie) Cafe 440 – 10.0
1 – tie) Chili’s – 10.0
1 – tie) Nacho’s 10.0
1 – tie) Cornucopia 10.0
2) El Pique – 9.6
3) Steelhead Brewery 8.9
4 – tie) Market of Choice, Woodfield Station
4- tie) Turtles Bar & Grill / The Loft 8.3
5) El Taco Express 8.1
6) Taylor’s 7.95
7) El Taco Grande 7.9
8- tie) Hacienda Amigo Mio 7.85 8- tie) Buffalo Wild Wings 7.85
Taqueria Mi Tierra 7.5 10) Rodeo Steakhouse 7.3
11) Burrito Boy 7.25
12) Laughing Planet 7.2
13) Naya’s Taqueria 7.1
14 – tie) El Super Burrito 6.9 
14 – tie) Hop Valley Brewing Company 6.9
15) Riva’s Taco Shop 6.3  

Xavier Reynolds, 12, and Yoda

Xavier Reynolds, 12, and Yoda

Xavier Reynolds is in the 7th Grade and enjoys spending time with his family and Yoda. He also enjoys music, dancing, drawing, swimming, writing stories, playing with Legos and being creative. His favorite subjects in school are science and P.E. and his favorite books are the Magyk series by Angie Sage. Besides nachos, Xavier also enjoys chicken curry and Indian cuisine.

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