Published On: Tue, Sep 10th, 2013

It’s One and Done for the Kaleidoscope Music Festival

Story last updated on September 10th, 2013 at 10:45 pm.

Beseiged with a rash of complaints related to noise, trash, possible environmental damage and traffic, the Lane County Parks Department decided to cancel its three-year contract with Kaleidoscope Music Festival producer OneEleven Events for future use of the Emerald Meadows near Mt. Pisgah.

However, some supporters feel the economic impact outweighs the concerns presented by the festival. “I’m sure the kind of music had more to do with it that anything else. I see no difference in this and Faerie World concerts that go on until midnight. I took people there in my taxi from as far [away] as Kentucky and Alaska. It was a big deal for a lot of people all over to come here and experience Oregon and Eugene for the first time. Many people stayed days in the city after the show, exploring the town and driving to the coast. I’m sure it brought in a lot more money than people know. I started picking people up at the airport for the show as early as the Sunday before, just so they could get hotel rooms and see the town,” said David Bowden of Eugene, and owner of Eugene Hybrid Taxi Cabs.-

The event included performances by well-known artists such as Afroman, Bassnectar, Nas, Empire of the Sun and a variety of electronic dance music performers.

Afroman signing autographs for a fan at Kaleidoscope Music Festival Aug. 23, 2013 Photo: Kaleidoscope Music Festival Facebook page

Afroman signing autographs for a fan at Kaleidoscope Music Festival Aug. 23, 2013
Photo: Kaleidoscope Music Festival Facebook page

“After reviewing numerous complaints and cleaning up after the festival, it is clear this event was not a good fit for the area,” said Mike Russell, manager for Lane County Parks. “We strive to host compatible recreational events at the site. Unfortunately, Kaleidoscope did not meet our standards.”

Lane County Public Works reported having received thirty complaints from areas both near the park, and over a mile away from the location. Officials say the July festival, Faerieworlds, is of similar size and held at the same location, but received no complaints this year.

Others, however, were quite succinct in stating their feelings about the event, with Jeff Harmon saying, “I think it is good. It was too loud, and annoyed a lot of people.”

“Great news. [It was] way too loud and late,” said Cameron Goertzen of Springfield.

The county cites a breach of the agreement as the reason for opting to terminate its contract with OneEleven Events.

“After hearing from neighbors in the Seavey Loop area, it was clear that the Kaleidoscope festival went beyond any reasonable standards for noise, particularly that late at night,” said County Commissioner Faye Stewart. “Buford Park and Mt. Pisgah is one of our most beautiful and popular parks, and we need to make sure we respect the landscape and the neighborhoods that surround it.”

Other large-scale events have been staged successfully in rural areas of the County, including the annual Country Fair in the Veneta area, and Faerieworlds and the Dirty Dash near Mt. Pisgah. Historically, these events have generated few complaints from neighbors.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god! So what if there was a few complaints about this or that. It was a first year event! I bet fairyworlds, and the countryfair, have had multiple complaints in the past. Give them a chance to come back and fix what they did wrong next year. As far as the noise goes, sorry if you dont like it but it generated revenue to the city which potentially pays for s**t you use.

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