Published On: Sun, Sep 29th, 2013

Creswell Food Pantry Update

The local farmers and gardeners are generously donating produce to our pantry each week. All totaled, they have donated 3,242 pounds of produce in September alone. 

Roger Bosch had a goal of donating 3,000 pounds of produce this season. He has surpassed that goal with 4,511 pounds donated at this point. He has provided pears, tomatoes, zucchini, spaghetti squash and corn among other produce. CK Farm has donated 340 pounds of produce. Good Food Easy has donated 337 pounds of produce. The Creswell Bakery has donated 1,295 pounds of breads and sweets since mid-July.

Kurt Blachnik & Roger Bosch

Kurt Blachnik, left, and Roger Bosch

In regard to the new Cobalt Food Pantry site, things are moving along nicely. The ninety foot concrete pathway has been completed, thanks to Jeff Heater Construction and Nathan Marple Excavation. The firewall is in place, thanks to Jeff Heater Construction. And the electrical revisions and installation of new light fixtures are underway, thanks to Del McCracken of Mountain View Electric.

These projects will be partially funded by a grant of $2,500 from the Oregon Food Bank, $1,750 from the City of Creswell and $150 from individual donations. Additional funds are expected from pending pledges of $1,000 for Jurgan Ramil’s 500 mile fund raiser walk to Crescent City, California. Also, the Creswell Library’s summer reading program, “Dig into Reading” has pending pledges of $250 in support of the pantry move. We hope for additional support from the city, with funding from the special contingency fund, set aside for social service organizations in need. We will apply once the application has been approved by the city council.

When these structural projects have been completed and the pantry site is cleaned well, the moving of the sixty feet of double-sided storage shelves will begin. Creswell Boy Scout Troop 28 has volunteered to construct the shelves. The rest will follow as quickly as possible, without interruption of service to our pantry customers.

We will notify the community of our move via fliers at the post office and the VFW site, the City reader board if possible and the Chronicle. Food for Lane County will also be notified promptly. We are very excited for the move and look forward to settling into the roomier location.

We have pending grant applications to the Collins Foundation, Swendells Foundation and the Chambers Foundation. Funds from those grants are to be used for much needed equipment and supplies, such as: a walk-in cooler, a pallet jack, additional utility/shopping carts, a utility sink, signs to direct customers to the site and a new freezer.

We hope to decrease customer waiting times, maintain more moderate room temperatures and increase storage capacity of dry goods as well as perishables. The SNAP Program, previously called food stamps, will decrease their funding by approximately $10 each month, per person, starting November 1st. Food pantries will likely see an increase in demand, as customers currently run out of SNAP credit by the third week of the month. It will be even more difficult with less funding. Our move to the larger facility will enable us to keep a more stable stock.

We would like to let the community know that a $5 donation makes a difference. We provide food to the Creswell community as well as Goshen, Territorial Road, Hwy 99 down to Lynx Hollow as well as Pleasant Hill. Our pantry is run completely with volunteers. Tax deductible donations may be mailed to: Community Food for Creswell, PO Box 351, Creswell, OR 97426.

Susan Blachnik

Director, Creswell Food Pantry

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  1. Mr P Damon Jones says:

    hay gang it’s me Fred’ Paul wishing you all a very happy year. working at at Vancouver fish of orchards food bank two days a week an loving it. miss you all very much!

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