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Lane County Arrest Mugshots – October 5, 2013

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Information from the arrests of the following people is selected from the websites of Lane County Jail (LCJ) and Springfield Municipal Jail (SMJ). Pictures used in this article were taken from those websites and are public record. All those arrested are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.

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A list of criminal charges against persons and definitions of each one can be found here.

A list of criminal charges pertaining to property and definitions of each one can be found here.
Charlie Preciado - Lodged in LCJ 10/3/13 on charges of identity theft x2, theft-2, credit card fraud x2 and forgery-2; failure to appear on charges of resisting arrest, criminal trespass, theft-2, assault, identity theft and credit card fraud.

Charlie Preciado - 10-3 - t2, id theftx2, cc fraudx2, forg2;, fta res arr, ct, ass, id theft, cc fraud, t2












Terra McCormick - Lodged in LCJ 10/3/13 for failure to appear on charges of false information to police, possession of methamphetamine x2 and possession of heroin x2.

Terra McCormick - 10-3 - all fta - false info, p herx2, p methx2












Josh Duran - Lodged in SMJ 10/3/13 on a charge of criminal trespass.

Josh Duran - 10-3 SMJ - ct












Ora Sanders - Lodged in LCJ 10/1/13 on a parole violation, a charge of false information to police and failure to appear on a charge of DUII.

Ora Sanders - 10-1 - par v, falae info, fta duii












Kyle Gundert – Lodged in LCJ 10/3/13 on a charge of possession of heroin and failure to appear on a charge of theft-2.

Kyle Gundert - 10-3 - p heroin, fta t2












Jason Hauxhurst – Lodged in LCJ 9/23/13 on a parole violation.

Jason Hauxhurst - 9-23 - par v












Howard Pruett – Lodged in LCJ 9/27/13 on a parole violation.

Howard Pruett - 9-27 - par v












Christopher Cherrier – Lodged in LCJ 9/30/13 on a parole violation.

Christopher Cherrier - 9-30 - par v

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